Price List - It's simple and no fine print!


Don't be caught out getting base quotes intended to lure you in and slowly blow your budget! We offer a great upfront hourly rate complimented by fit and efficient staff to increase your hourly value!


Starting from 1 ton combos @ $95 per hour, per operator, inclusive of 3 peices of equipment up to 20 ton combos priced upon consultation and discussion of job scope.


      *minimum 2 hour hire period and daily 1 hour travel charge applies.

      *float charges apply on some larger combos


Earthworks - Attachments

$40 additional per hour for rockbreaking and auger drilling however call us and see what we can offer


The Pool Doctor - Kevin Thorpe - Leak Detection Specialist

$95 per hour, (plus gst)


Written Reports

$95 per hour, (plus gst) - 2 copies provided and any relevant images included.


If applicable, additional Costs for the following will be passed on in your invoice:

Dump Site Fees as specified by Site

Any other client requested materials

Tolls encountered on route to dump sites from your site


Plumbing and Drainage Jobs 

As quoted


We also provide a Pool Plumbing service - call us to discuss your project and our competitive costs for same:

Install Pump and Filter                                                         

Additonal installation of Lines, per line                                  

Install Filter or Pipework only                                                

Install electronic Heater                                                      

Install additonal Pumps

Relocation of existing Filters   






Grrrunt Earthworks
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